Who are we?

InterOp.Community is a collaborative group of companies who have joined together for the advancement of interoperability through open platforms and open-source software. With a common goal of improving interoperability across the healthcare industry, InterOp.Community offers standards driven interfaces for the common components found in modern healthcare systems such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), hospitals, Health Information Exchanges (HIE), labs, and insurers.

We Want You!

The InterOp.Community is always looking for new members to join and help the effort towards achieving true interoperability in healthcare. Any individuals or organizations involved in healthcare, social determinants of health, or technology industries are encouraged to join the community. Click the View membership button below to view our current membership or click the Learn more button below to see how easy it is to get involved.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved or just interested in what the InterOp.Community is up to, please check out the Industry Calendar! It provides insights into our involvement with healthcare events, academic outreach, and upcoming Working Group meetings.


Get involved with the InterOp.Community as a whole, Communities of Practice, Proving Grounds, Open-Source efforts, consulting the Advisory Board ex-offico, and so much more!


Interested in sponsoring the InterOp.Community? There are several different kinds of contribution that can be made to the community as a whole, Communities of Practice, or to proving grounds.

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